Stepping Up for Europe's
Sustainable Livestock Systems

Scientific Solutions Shaping Resilient
European Policies

Currently, there is a lack of comprehensive and quantifiable information regarding the sustainability and resilience of environmentally friendly European Livestock Production Systems (ELPS). STEP UP is addressing this gap by accessing and analysing Innovative Livestock Production Systems (ILPS) as a testing ground. ILPS incorporate technology-driven approaches to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve animal welfare. STEP UP aims to identify data deficits and upgrade traditional ELPS based on insights gained from ILPS, contributing to a more informed and sustainable livestock farming approach.

Stepping up European Livestock Production Systems


Farmers in 20+ European countries, improving their sustainability performance


ELPS transformed into sustainable, healthy and inclusive livestock systems


Innovative Livestock Production Systems (ILPS) assessed using improved methodologies

Roadmap for Evidence-based and
sustainable livestock systems

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1. Co-create sustainable ELPS through robust evidence-based assessments.

2. Validate and demonstrate sustainable livestock production models aligned with circularity and transparency.

3. Develop methodologies for assessing diverse ELPS sustainability.

4. Generate evidence supporting policy development for sustainable livestock systems.

5. Enhance stakeholder engagement and knowledge dissemination.

6. Establish a transdisciplinary approach for future-proofing the livestock value chain.

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