Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public research institution in Spain and one of the most renowned institutions in the European Research Area (ERA). It is affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Secretary General for Research. The Spanish National Research Council is the main agent responsible for implementing the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation; and in order to undertake this mission, it is capacitated to carry out activities aimed at: The generation of knowledge through scientific and technical research; The transfer of research results, in particular to promote and create technology-based enterprises; The provision of expert advice to public and private institutions; The delivery of highly-qualified pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training; The promotion of scientific culture in society; The management of large facilities and unique scientific and technical infrastructures; The presence and representation in international bodies; The development of targeted research.

Role in the project

Bringing expertise from CSIC, we specialize in animal welfare assessment, emission factors, and GHG inventories, with extensive contributions to initiatives such as the Global Research Alliance and FAO.