FeedInov CoLab – Innovative feeding strategies for sustainable animal production

FeedInov CoLAB serves as the central hub connecting industry, R&D&I entities, and the consumer promoting innovative approaches, technology dissemination, and business creation in the livestock sector, with a particular emphasis on animal feeding, contributing to a more sustainable, dynamic, and productive sector.
Our mission:
Tackle livestock sector challenges through interdisciplinary solutions, developing and establishing efficient interface, knowledge transfer, and technology models to and from companies and markets.
Our services:
● Scientific, technological, and innovation consultancy and assistance;
● Knowledge exchange and interface services;
● “One stop shop” approach to animal research and innovation;
● Support and boost our livestock sector in national and international networking;
● Development of knowledge and technology transfer initiatives;

Role in the project

FeedInov CoLAB is deeply engaged in the STEP UP project, actively contributing to 9 work packages and 37 tasks. Our role extends beyond advancing knowledge of the national livestock production systems but also to be the first actor in the dissemination of STEP UP results for our country. Our vast network and partnerships, both research centers and industry, enable us to review national information on the topic, as well as to find innovative case studies (ILPS) allowing the validation of the different phases of the project.