Institut de l’Elevage

The mission of the Institut de l’Élevage is to improve the competitiveness of livestock farms and their sectors in a constantly changing environment. Its work provides technical and innovative solutions for cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeders and industry players. It provides answers to societal questions and current issues, for the benefit of those involved in livestock farming and its sectors. At the crossroads of research, development, consultancy and training, it provides relevant answers and practical solutions to these problems, so that the profession of breeder remains one of the most beautiful. Idele is accredited by the public authorities, which guarantees the neutrality and integrity of its work and gives it the legitimacy to respond to requests and calls for tenders from regional, national, European and international public bodies.

Role in the project

Idele will lead of two tasks – T2.2: Qualitative assessment of ILPS case studies: identification, characterisation and follow-up of the ILPS (Innovative Livestoch Production Systems). – T2.4: Multi actors approach to identify the conditions for implementation of scenarios. Idele will also take part to livestock farming production system characterisation (WP1) and to the development of environmental and social LCA methods for a farm-to-fork evaluation of livestock systems (WP4). It will also contribute to the forecast scenarios approach (WP6).